Inspired and informed by Orhan Pamuk (Tibor Fischer)
Orhan Pamuk and the Turkish Paradox (Spiegel Online)
Struggling with the Elements of a Complicated History (
The Turkish trauma (Jörg Lau)
Orhan Pamuk wih Carol Becker (Carol Becker)
Snow (Mary Whipple)
Seeing through the snow (Azade Seyhan)
Snow by Orhan Pamuk (Maggie Gee)
Cold Realities (Angel Gurria-Quintana)
A taste of Turkish despair (David Robson)
Problems of identity (The Economist)
Frozen assets (James Buchan)
Rather cold Turkey (John de Fabelle)
Snow (Julian Evans)
Exposing their faces, paradoxes are revealed (Laurel Maury)
Headscarves To Die For (Margaret Atwood)
Snow Business (Maureen Freely)
The Poetry of Defiance (Michael McGaha)
A Cold Front in Anatolia (Paul Bailey)
Winter's Tale (Ruth Franklin)
More than a winter's tale (Sarah Emily Miano)
Snow by Orhan Pamuk (Stephan O'Shea)
Alone in Turkey (Tom Payne)
The Deadly Art of Portraits (Char Simons)
A detailed tapestry of 16th century Turkey (Sarah Coleman)
Murder and joy (Dick Davis)
Il publie « Mon nom est rouge » (Didier Jacob)
The Mystery of Istanbul (Emma Dick)
My Name Is Red (Eric J. Ianelli)
The deadly style wars of Istanbul (Guy Mannes-Abbott)
Culture clash (Hywell Williams)
The Plague (Jonathan Levi)
Murder in Miniature (John Updike)
Blasphemous Rumors (Lenora Todaro)
Bestselling Author and Avantgarde Writer (Lewis Gropp)
Heresies of the Paintbrush (Richard Eder)
Murder in Miniature (Sarah A. Smith)
Ottoman style? It's to die for (Savkar Altinel)
The Black Book (Robert Houston)
Turkey's East-West tensions spin out narrative arabesques (Bill Marx)
Istanbul Expressed (Charlotte Innes)
The Black Book (Guy Mannes-Abbott)
Up against a wall of double talk (Jonathan Coe)
Three authors in search of a body (Joan Smith)
Istanbul not Constantinople (John Brenkman)
ORHAN PAMUK: 'Enigma Is Sovereign' (Judy Stone)
Dark and Fantastic Invention (Patrick McGrath)
Mannequin-Maker (Patrick Parrinder)
In the land of the defeated and oppressed, to be is to be someone else (Richard Eder)
Tales of the city (Robert Irwin)
A Turkish novelist makes a breakthrough (Susan Miron)
The New Life (D. M. Thomas)
Falling Between The Pages (Bradford Morrow)
A Quest Across Turkey For Love, Life and Death (Dan Cryer)
Turkey sandwiched (John Spurling)
Turkish Writer Captures The Intensity Of Desire (Judy Stone)
Orhan Pamuk (Mario Biondi)
Nicholas Lezard on a vertiginous Turkish bestseller (Nicholas Lezard)
From a breeze-block Istanbul (Ronald Wright)
Orhan PAMUK: Un écrivain turc à succès (Un Crivain Turc Succs)
Orhan Pamuk, un jeune Turc à l'américaine (Nicole Zand)
He's still the top dog in Turkey (Nouritza Matossian)
Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: A Stunning Work of Art (Yvonne Trainer)
My City of Ruins (Alberto Manguel)
A Walker in the City (Christopher De Bellaigue)
The Pleasure of Ruins (David Flusfeder)
A Boyhood On The Bosphorus (Noel Malcom)
Eastern Glow, Western Grays (Sandip Roy)
Turkish Novel as Antidote for East-West Despair (Christopher Lehmann-Haupt)
Pirates, Pashas and the Imperial Astrologer (Jay Parini)
La Maison Du Silence (Paul Berman)
Let Constantinople in Tiber melt (Robert Carver)
Putting a tangible shape on time (Savkar Altinel)
"An Honor for Turkish Literature" (Spiegel Online)
'No One Drives Me into Exile' (Spiegel Online)
Politics and Prose (Lila Azam Zanganeh)
Sense of the City: Istanbul (The BBC)
Bridging Two Worlds (Elizabeth Farnsworth)
Case of the mistaken identities (Joan Smith)
Satire is sacred (Maya Jaggi)
A Novelist Sees Dishonor in an Honor From the State (Stephen Kinzer)
In the Thick of Change Where Continents Meet (Brian Lavery)
The Best Seller of Byzantium (Fernanda Eberstadt)
Talking Turkey (Maureen Freely)
To Have And Have Not (Robert Cottrell)
Orhan Pamuk: 'I Was Not A Political Person' (Alexander Star)
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